“...I really enjoyed the project. I feel more confident with my presentation and communication skills... A great experience, a unique opportunity..."”

Annie Barisani
BA (H) Graphic & Digital Design, University of Greenwich

“... there was a moment when the HE students had taken full ownership of the project, and stopped needing a high level of support. ... a valuable experience for them.”

Anastasios Maragiannis
S.Lecturer, YDP Manager


A Few Words About ydp '10 -'11

The YDP for 2011 has been planned with the University of the Arts, London, and the Sorrell Foundation in with some key differences from last year based the eight recommendations within the evaluation.

The planned programme this year willbe formed as listed bellow:

• The programme will be planned around a three-week period. While some activities will take place before and after this period, this new approach will improve organisation and intensify the process.

• Students at both colleges and university level will be invited to go through a formal application process reflecting work and HE interview culture and enhance employability.

• There will be professional skills training for FE and HE students.

• FE students will have contact with professional industry mentors to give them a greater insight in potential careers in the creative industries.

• HE students, after training, will become studets A



The intention of running the programme is:

• To underpin SELLLN progression agreements by giving approximately 40 first year ND Art & Design students and Fda Graphic Design Students from three FE colleges a positive insight into the experience of studying at university by enabling them to collaborate with second year undergraduate students on a live project about how design could improve the quality of their lives. This intensive experience will include a tour of the University of Greenwich. The programme would contain opportunities for FE students to work with professional mentors and through this to gain knowledge about professional design practice. Through these experiences the FE students will develop confidence and team-working skills. The programme will form an assessable part of the students coursework

• To give selected second year undergraduate students an authentic multi-disciplinary learning experience that improves their personal & professional skills, and includes mentoring by professional designers, (and potentially YDP 2008-9 third year students). For participating students, this engagement will count as their industry placement.

• To bring professional benefits to participating FE and HE tutors. These include developing a greater awareness of both their own and each others sectors, as well as developing a greater awareness of the professional design industry.

• To give FE and HE students the experience of exhibiting together at a high profile national exhibition (Young Blood organised by the D& AD in Central London). This process will require the HE students to do some mentoring of with the FE students. In addition to showcasing their design ideas, students will be exhibiting their reflections on this experience.

• To improve the progression rates of participating FE students to HE courses in 2012-13.



Both FE and HE Students will develop:

Professional skills: Team-working, presentation, communication, organisation, leadership, research, commercial awareness, working to deadlines, professionalism, time management Personal skills: confidence, responsibility, adaptability, interpersonal sensitivity, resilience.



Funding in kind will also come from participating professional mentors through time spent explaining their practice to participating students.

Funding from the University of Greenwich for some staffing and for HE student travel

Funding from participating FE colleges covering FE student travel

Funding from the Sorrell Foundation in staffing, resources and in holding a programme launch at their learning centre in Somerset House.

Funding from SELLLN for some staff time.



We will evaluate this development through individual questionnaires and focus group discussions with students and staff. The evaluation will be carried out in consultation with Creative Process. We will evaluate the impact of this project on progression for participating FE students through 2012-13 FE student progression data.

This information will be fed back to the SELLLN working group in 2012-13. We anticipate that evaluation of future iterations of the Young Design Programme will be carried out by the Sorrell Foundation in collaboration with the University of Greenwich and Creative Process.

Download: Young Design Programme Evaluation 2008-2009.






For HE and FE Students

Stage 1:

Selection & Participation

HE and FE students should be reminded of the importance of making excellent applications to be successful in Higher Education and employment.


HE students will be required to write a statement describing why they want to take part and what skills they will bring to the programme.

The statement may contain images of their own work or the work of others demonstrating their perception of good design.


Shortlisted students will be invited to attend a short formal interview at the University of Greenwich. FE students will be selected by their tutors.


All participating FE students will be asked to submit a statement and a set of images of their own work or the work of others demonstrating their perception of good design. This ‘profile’ will be shared with their design team.





Stage 2: Training


HE students will take part in a training session featuring sessions by

• Verna Rhodes Progression and Development Officer AWPU - Partnership Division

• Ian Thompson, UAL

• Anastasios Maragiannis, UoG